As managing Agents, we would take over the control and supervision of the day-to-day performance of those functions, which are your contractual liability or your liability as property owner and are necessary for the maximization of profit, or the properties. These functions include:

  • Creating Vacant Space
  • Selecting and Screening willing tenants
  • Negotiating terms and conditions tenancy
  • Liaising with solicitors to draw up a lease  agreement and /or amendment to same.
  • Inspecting to take schedule of dilapidation or repairs
  • Effecting periodic or as when demanded internal and external inspection.
  • Arranging, negotiating and communicating lease renewal by liaising with owners.
  • Communicating rent renewal notice.
  • Ensuring regular settlement of bills and rates by tenants.
  • Rent collection and remittance to clients.
  • Designing and executing maintenance programme
  • Management of common services vis-a vis service charge account
  • Arranging for insurance against hazards
  • Promoting tenants association
  • Employment and supervision of premises staff
  • Advising on and carrying out alteration, arranging for redevelopment where the need arises.