An auction is a manner of selling by bids, usually to the highest bidders in a public competition. The prices, which the public are asked to pay, are the highest which those who bid can be tempted to offer by the skill and tact of the auctioneer under the excitement of open competition. While on auctioneer is a person or an agent licenced to sell goods or other property by auction.

Our works includes:

  • Preparation of Particulars of the property to be auctioned
  • Conduct of sale
  • We have always excelled in this aspect and are ready even at short notice.
  • Estate Management Consultancy

Our purpose for providing this service is to cater for corporate bodies that may not have the calibers of qualified personal required in dealing with the day-to-day problems and transactions on properties as highlighted below:

We provide comprehensive property services on retainership basis covering the following aspects of the profession:

  • Valuation of land and Building
  • Valuation of Plant and Machinery
  • Feasibility and Viability Appraisal
  • All aspects of property management including facilities

We assist client in establishing in-house property departments and even full in the gaps for the property departments, which are not fully equipped to handle all aspects of professional practice.

All these are provided for at a reasonable fee subject to negotiation